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Product Positioning

In order to capture interest in a product or service, you must be sure the message clearly answers the following questions for a prospective customer:

  • Why do I care?

  • How does this help me?

  • How is this different/better?


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The key to building a great product or service is to start with a solid foundation.  This foundation must be built upon a solid understanding of the market and customer.  Layered on top of this context is the plan to actually bring the product to market.


Working with you and other key stakeholders, we can help you clearly define a product that meets the needs of the market, develop compelling messaging, and create a plan to reach your target customer.

Go To Market Planning

Often overlooked in the process of building a new product, a solid launch plan can make or break a successful release.  A launch plan will ensure:

  • Alignment of internal teams

  • Timely ramp of external demand for the new product/service


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Marketing Requirements Definition

The Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) is the foundation for the creation, development, and launch of a successful product or service.  The MRD provides the framework that enables the entire product team to gain alignment, define objectives, and solidify the requirements necessary to meet the needs of the market.


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We're happy to offer a complimentary one hour consultation to determine what services would be most beneficial.  During this collaborative session, we'll discuss what is (and is not) working from a marketing and product marketing perspective, and recommend next steps.

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