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Business and product owners who want to get the most out of the launch of their new product/service.
Who needs this?
Why is it important?

Often overlooked in the process of building a new product, a solid launch plan can make or break a successful release.  A launch plan will ensure:

  • Alignment of internal teams

  • Timely ramp of external demand for the new product/service

Determine an effective launch strategy and communication plan for your new product or service, including clear definition of:

  • What you are selling

  • Who you are selling to

  • Where you will promote your product

  • How you will reach your target customer
What is typically included in the project?
What are the deliverables?

Deliverables can include:

  • Launch plan & timeline

  • Demand gen recommendation

  • Marketing content & sales tool recommendation

  • Product Brief

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