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Product Marketing Process

There is no one product marketing process that works for every organization.  It is critical to find a process that delivers quality products on time, working within the nuances of your organizational structure.  The right process for your organization ensures:

  • All stakeholders are on the same page about product scope and timing

  • Feedback is solicited and incorporated from the right people and functions

  • High quality products are delivered on time

  • Organization is ready to market, sell, and support the product


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We're happy to offer a complimentary one hour consultation to determine what services would be most beneficial.  During this collaborative session, we'll discuss what is (and is not) working from a marketing and product marketing perspective, and recommend next steps.

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Today's businesses move at lightning speed, and it can often be a struggle to keep up with ever evolving markets and trends.  This makes it more critical than ever to ensure your organization has processes in place that enable flexibilty without risk to quality.  And, it is equally important to take a step back and make sure all efforts across the marketing organization are performing well.


We can help align your product marketing process with the nuances of your organization, and provide a thorough and actionable review of all your marketing efforts.

Overall Marketing Assessment

When running the day-to-day marketing operations, it is easy to get bogged down and lose sight of how the overall marketing efforts are performing.  By taking a step back and looking objectively at the data, you can get a clearer view of:

  • Are we reaching the new customers we want?

  • Are we keeping existing customers happy?

  • Does our experience meet/exceed the needs of our customers?

  • Are there opportunities we haven’t taken advantage of?

  • Are we staffed to do what we want to do?


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