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Business/marketing professionals who acquire new customers or service existing customers through their company website or ecommerce property.
Who needs this?
Why is it important?

Your website is typically the primary engagement point for prospective and existing customers.  To ensure you make a good first impression, you must understand:

  • Who is coming to your website?

  • What are they doing when they get there?

  • How can you make the experience better?

What is typically included in the project?

Understand user behavior on your website, through analysis of website analytics, including:

  • What are the user demographics? 

  • What browsers and devices are most common, and how does performance vary across technologies?

  • What are the key customer acquisition channels and how are they performing?

  • What are the top landing pages and how are they performing?

  • How are users moving through the website? 

Deliverables can include:

  • Analysis of website usage

  • Strengths & opportunities

  • Recommendations to improve website performance

What are the deliverables?
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