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Business and marketing leaders looking for an objective view of the overall function, success and opportunities with their marketing efforts.
Who needs this?
Why is it important?

When running the day-to-day marketing operations, it is easy to get bogged down and lose sight of how the overall marketing efforts are performing.  By taking a step back and looking objectively at the data, you can get a clearer view of:

  • Are we reaching the new customers we want?

  • Are we keeping existing customers happy?

  • Does our experience meet/exceed the needs of our customers?

  • Are there opportunities we haven’t taken advantage of?

  • Are we staffed to do what we want to do?

Assessment, analysis and recommendations for improving the effectiveness of the overall Marketing organization, including:

  • Analysis of customer data/metrics

  • Demand gen / customer acquisition programs

  • Customer retention efforts

  • Customer experience

  • Team structure      

What is typically included in the project?
What are the deliverables?

Deliverables can include:

  • Key Findings

  • Data Gaps

  • Action Plans

    • Short term (3 months)

    • Medium term (6 months)

    • Long term (12 months)

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